Learn more about the people behind Quinta Zacarias

Jan Krielaars

Jan Krielaars is the father of family Krielaars-Zachariasse and husband to Anna Jacoba Zachariasse. Jan studied architecture in The Netherlands and started his career in restauration architecture in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL). Quinta Zacarias is crowning his work.

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Anna Zachariasse

Anna (in Dutch: Anke) Zachariasse is the princess of the story. Without a princess the palace of Quinta Zacarias wouldn’t exist. She is the support that Jan needed in times of hopeless delays with retrieving the building permit and other challenges. Anna, together with her son Caspar, is enabling your stay at Quinta Zacarias.

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Eduardo Catarino

Eduardo Catarino is our friend and neighbour. Besides his own successful company in heating solutions: https://www.evolucom.pt/.

Eduardo is helping us out with all we can think of. Most of all Eduardo will be your host & local guide. Do not hesitate to ask him for any help, he is beyond a doubt the best neighbour we can imagine.

Fun fact is that Eduardo’s Aunt, Eduarda, is born in the Original Farmhouse. We are proud to have her childhood house restored to its original state.

Dolf Krielaars

Dolf is the oldest son and the living memory of how long the family is already visiting Portugal, as Dolf was born in 1985, around the first visits to Portugal. Nowadays Dolf is one of the handy man’s of Quinta Zacarias, enabling the father Jan to slowly retire.

Boris Krielaars

Jan & Anna’s second child is Boris. Boris has the patience and knowledge to deepdive into tough ‘Terms and Conditions’, Regulations and other lengthy texts. He is therefore taking over more and more of the work around utility & governmental parts of Quinta Zacarias.

Caspar Krielaars

Caspar is the 3rd son out of 4 children from Jan & Anna. During his study Hotel & Hospitality Management in Maastricht he started helping his parents with the reservations for the holiday season in Quinta Zacarias.

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Emmy Krielaars

Last but for sure not least, Emmy was born as the first baby girl completing the family. Whilst this website is the foundation of our information towards you, Emmy is the driving force behind our more regular updates and atmospheric impressions on Social Media. She invites you to follow us on instagram and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Alex Niclevych

Even Though we as a family would love to spend more time at Quinta Zacarias, we can’t (yet). We are therefore very happy that Alex is helping us out as gardener, pool boy, maintenance guy, and more. Alex comes every Saturday to attend to whatever is needed. Without him Quinta Zacarias would be too much to handle.

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First floor oriëntal Apartment
Second floor oriëntal Apartment
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